Personalized/Precision Medicine: Implications for Oral Medicine

This is an overview of the opportunities for oral medicine community to fully participate in personalized/precision medicine. 

After this lecture, attendees should be able to:

  1. Highlight research advances that solidify the foundation of personalized oral healthcare
  2. Display the practical application of genomic testing to understand, diagnose, and treat oral diseases (including oral cancer and immune-derived oral disease)
  3. Emphasize the impact of its implication on oral care providers, consumers, and policymakers and discuss the ethical, legal, and clinical, obstacles toward their adoption into practice


Camile Farah, BDSc W.Aust, MDSc, Ph.D., GCEd(HE), GCExLead, FRACDS, FOMAA, FIAOO, FICD, FPFA, UQ