Update on the Opioid Crises: What Can We Do About It

More than 64,000 people in the USA died in 2016 of overdoses from prescription opioids. Regardless, physicians and dentists continued promiscuously writing prescriptions for the drivers of this epidemic. This talk highlights the epidemic of opioid abuse and displays the legislation and actions to combat this crisis.

After this lecture, attendees should be able to:

  1. Provide an update on the current data on opioids abuse and prescribing patterns of dental providers.
  2. Provide an outline of the steps and resources available for providers towards addressing and treating addiction and dependence.
  3. Compare and contrast available non-opioid alternatives and non-pharmacological therapies for pain.


James Cade, DDS
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences, Meharry School of Dentistry